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Boost Your Immune System Fast!

Magical Capsules With ALL The Vitamins & Nutrients Needed To Supercharge Your Immune

Immune system support with vitamin C and zinc

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Immune Plus Capsules - Boost Immune System



Immune Capsules supports your immune system by providing you with a daily dose of zinc and vitamins A, C and E. Most importantly good for those with low immunity to build the immune faster.

Whether you’re fighting off a cold, going through a stressful time or just want to keep your immune system in fighting form, Immune Capsules helps provide your body with critical immune-boosting nutrients.

You perform your best when you feel your best. So, give your body what it needs to keep up with modern-day demands! Immune Capsules are specially formulated with three specific goals in mind to help keep us healthy and functioning at the highest level possible.*


Immune Capsules is designed to boost our natural defenses and to support our immune system function.*


Immune Capsules is designed to help support recovery when you don’t feel well so that you can get back to the important things in life as fast as possible!*


Immune Capsules is designed to support many aspects of general health including pain management, cognitive function, and healthy inflammatory and oxidative responses.*

6 Immune-Boosting Benefits of Zinc Supplementation

Proven immune support from natural ingredients

As well as zinc, Immune Capsules also contains Rosehip, a source of Vitamin C, A and E, and Acerola, a natural source of Vitamins C and A, all of which contribute to the normal function of the immune system. Help fortify your body’s natural immunity defences with regular use of Immune Plus Capsules.

Antiviral defence during cold and flu season

Support your body’s resistance to highly infectious cold and flu viruses. By ensuring your body has sufficient amounts of zinc and vitamins, you’re giving yourself the best possible chance of staving off seasonal illness.

Reduce the duration and symptoms of colds

Studies have shown that zinc may help to reduce the duration of cold symptoms by up to 50 percent. Use Immune Capsules at the first sign of a cold to recover faster and spend more time doing the things you love.

Care for your immune system during stressful times

Stress weakens your immune system. When you feel stressed, tired and run-down, your immune system’s ability to fight off pathogens is reduced, making you more susceptible to infections and viruses. Immune Capsules can help you look after your immune system during times of stress.

Vital immune support for the whole family

Children are highly susceptible to colds and flu. And the elderly are particularly prone to zinc deficiency, meaning their immune systems are at higher risk. Immune Capsules zinc are suitable for adults and children over the age of 12, so you can protect the health and wellbeing of your whole family.

Immune system support on the go

If you’re a busy commuter or a frequent flyer, taking care of your immune system health can be challenging. Fortunately, Immune Capsules can be stored easily at home, in the office or conveniently carried with you as you travel.

Immune Plus Capsules - Boost Immune System


As a dietary supplement, take 2 Immune Plus capsules daily. Do not take more than 2 capsules per day.

Immune Plus Capsule is an advanced all-in-one supplement for comprehensive immune system support. Healthy immune function is a very complex and delicate balance. Enhancing that process requires many different mechanisms all working together to deliver measured improvement. Immune Defense is the culmination of many years of development to find just the right formulation to provide real immune system enhancement.*

Every Ingredient found in Immune Capsules Must Adhere To The Following Three Criteria:




100 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our products are subject to critically stringent quality assurance and our commitment to quality is the highest in our industry. We guarantee that every product you purchase from us is made from the purest, premium ingredients and meets the highest quality standards.

If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with your product, simply return any unused, unopened bottles within 100 days of receiving your purchase and we will refund you 100% of the product price, excluding shipping charges.

For full return instructions, contact our customer service team at

Guarantee applies to purchases of over one month’s supply.


Purchase the Immune Capsules either in single or family packs


Retail: ₦22,950


SAVING: ₦4, 500

Price per day: ₦617


Family Pack Plus


Retail: ₦95,000


SAVING: ₦12,500

Price per day: ₦458

Immune Plus Capsules - Boost Immune System

Family Pack


Retail: ₦55,500


SAVING: ₦8,000

Price per day: ₦528


Most frequent questions and answers

There is no evidence to suggest that taking Immune Capsules will prevent you from getting coronavirus. However, the essential vitamins and minerals contained in Immune Capsules have been proven in studies to support your immune system.

A strong immune system makes your body less susceptible to infections, viruses and pathogens. But you can also help reduce your risk of getting ill with coronavirus by taking hygiene precautions like washing your hands often, avoiding touching your face, using a tissue to cover coughs and sneezes and social distancing measures where possible.

Immune Capsules are recommended for adults and children over the age of 12. Whether you’re fighting off a cold, going through a stressful time or just want to keep your immune system in fighting form, Immune Capsules helps provide your body with critical immune-boosting nutrients to keep you healthy and help improve your body’s resistance to colds and illnesses.

The soothing, aniseed flavour lozenges dissolve quickly on the tongue, bathing the back of the throat in Zinc ions and vitamin C.

Taken as soon as you feel the onset of a cold, Immune Capsules can help alleviate the duration and symptoms of the cold.

Taken daily, Immune Capsules ensures you are providing your body with an adequate amount of zinc and vitamin C, which is vital in keeping your immune system healthy and strong.

Daily use of Immune Capsules is recommended for ongoing immune support. Taken within 24 hours of the first signs of a cold, Immune Capsules can reduce the length and severity of the cold.

Studies have shown that Zinc gluconate (contained in Immune Capsules) significantly reduces the duration of symptoms of the common cold.

Research indicates that the maximum upper safe level of zinc for pregnant women is 25mg/day and the advised level is 14-15mg.

Our Oral zinc tabs provide approximately 14.4mg at the maximum advised dosage of 4 tablets daily, making Immune Capsules suitable at the recommended dose.

However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of your GP or pharmacist before taking this product to check its suitability based on your individual medical history.

If you are taking antibiotics or drugs such as Tetracyclines you should not take Immune Capsules. If you are currently taking any other medication or suffering from a medical condition you should seek the advice of your GP or pharmacist to check whether this product is suitable for you.

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Immune Capsules is manufactured and supplied by Norland International. Specialised in researching and creating proven health and wellness products that you can trust. Our products are backed by only the best scientific research.

Our manufacturing partners, Norland Intl. is a Multi-national company with headquarter in China and branch offices in over 413 countries spanning USA, UK, Europe, Asia, Africa etc.

Norland Intl. is FDA, patent medicine certified. Renowned for manufacture of ISO and NAFDAC certified quality fast moving health, energy and daily consumable products.
A leading health supplements manufacturer who takes pride in providing the highest quality food supplements with the highest levels of hygiene regulatory compliance and health and safety.

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